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Locker Compartment Sizes*

Solid color intro with an image on the right side. Also this block has no paddings.

Multiple Smart Locker Configurations

Allows for a multitude of adaptations to a wide range of scenarios.


Smart lockers for smart cities.

Smart locker for indoor

Offers users convenient, efficient, and secure
parcel delivery experience.

Smart locker for outdoor

Designed to protect parcels from different
weather conditions like rain, wind, or sun.

Temperature controlled smart locker

Offers safe storage for food and temperature
sensitive goods.

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By John Smith posted July 20, 2016

Dual system support
(Windows & Android)

Support Windows and Android system for hands on operations with user-friendly touchscreen.

Customisable appearance

You can tailor-make your smart locker's appearance with branding, advertising, or simple paints.